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Here at UMG, we provide our sponsors with a unique platform to reach an international audience. There is no debating that the Electronic Sports industry is growing at an exponential rate. For example, our organization grew 1320% in the year 2013 with the benefits of social media alone. As we continue in this success, we owe much of this growth to the incredible support of a community that respects an organization that is equally supportive in return. With the community behind you, and UMG’s proven advertising techniques, you will be placing your brand on the forefront of the industry’s growth.


Advertisment info - 2013 stats

We were very happy to hear from our long standing partner SquidGrip about their record sales they experienced during our event with our effective in-stream advertising options. Two of the most effective additions that their brand utilized was our In-Game Ad and the new Sponsor Spotlight section of our programming. This allowed them to display their company’s logo and event specific discount code to hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide.


I’m not sure what was more exciting: watching the UMG Atlanta event stream or watching our 2013 “Cyber Monday” sales record get shattered...twice! Thanks to UMG and all the newly INK’D SquidGrip customers for helping to make SquidGrip sales history on August 11th and 12th, 2013! We look forward to continuing our long standing partnership with UMG!

- Jenifer Rogers Director of Marketing, SquidGrip


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